Roberto Bellantuono  has been working  for several years in  field of conservation and restoration of cultural heritage; he wisely joins  the consolidated experience as a restorer of cultural assets to the testing of materials and innovative methodologies,  in  search  of ways to reduce  the impact of the restoration, respecting  art  objects in  their  historical face.

Roberto Bellantuono  operates with highly qualified team  in various fields: stone artifacts and architectural surfaces, mosaics, plaster and stucco, paintings on canvas and wood furniture, murals and frescoes, wooden artifacts.

He believes in a working method constantly oriented to the study and to increasing knowledge of the original materials, he performs careful analysis and evaluation of the compatibility of the methods and materials of restoration chosen, in order to ensure lasting results and constantly reversible.

The scientific contribution to the study of cultural assets is supported by close collaboration with other laboratories that provide diagnostic investigations, microchemical and thin sections of materials, recognition of pigments, paints, organic binders, inert constituents of the preparations, the type of wood species  and fiber type of the tissues examined.

In particular, the university laboratories provide specialist support to the restoration laboratory of Roberto Bellantuono; currently there is a collaboration with the Department of Biological and Environmental Science and Technology University of Salento for a research project on new methods of consolidation of local stone.

The laboratory of Roberto Bellantuono is able to provide also environmental studies and monitoring of the microclimate of the places of storage in the perspective of a  scientific approach to conservation problems that concern the lighting, air conditioning and protection of cultural assets  by various agents responsible for degradation.





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